8 Tips to Manage Cash Flow for Your Construction Business

You won’t have to pay the entire amount outright, but you can make regular payments. You’ll have more cash available to allow your business to continue its operations. You may even be able to deduct the interest and other fees from your business expenses. Invoices might get lost, disputes might arise, and clients might simply […]

Depreciation Concepts

Content What Is the Difference Between Depreciation Expense and Accumulated Depreciation? Other Depreciation Methods Understanding Depreciation Accumulated Depreciation Which of these is most important for your financial advisor to have? Settlement costs don’t include amounts placed in escrow for the future payment of items such as taxes and insurance. You may also have to capitalize […]

Do I Need a Personal Accountant?

Content Industry expertise Which of these is most important for your financial advisor to have? Do I Need a Personal Accountant? Alternatives to Hiring a Personal Accountant What Business Accountants Do ways Exceptional CEOs guard their time Comprehensive Budgeting and Planning Even if your accountant’s actions benefit you financially, make sure they acted honestly and […]

What Is Depreciation, and How Does it Work?

Content Double-declining Balance Impact of Depreciation Methods Which of these is most important for your financial advisor to have? How are assets depreciated for tax purposes? The units of production depreciation method Posting depreciation helps you monitor the current status of your fixed assets. To determine when you must replace assets, review each fixed asset’s […]

Tax depreciation 101

Content How to calculate tax depreciation How Depreciable Property Works What Is Rental Property Depreciation? Publication 544 – Additional Material Depreciation Strategies for 2021 Tax Planning: Step-up-in basis Sum-of-the-years’ digits (SYD) method As of December 31, 2021, the depreciation allowed or allowable for the three machines at the New Jersey plant is $23,400. The depreciation […]

Free Electronic Filing Minnesota Department of Revenue

Content Estimated tax payments Should I Pay Someone To Do My Taxes? Best Tax Software for the Self-Employed Approved self-prepared e-filing options (tax year See below for a list of tax preparation products to use in preparing your federal and Oregon returns. If your tax preparer is an authorized IRS e-file provider, your preparer can […]